Immanuel Williams B’day

Party party party!!!

Lea our event manager, Batool our collector and our team who is always cooperative to make the smallest celebrations an amazingly fun & memorable with music, photos, lunch n cake …Immanuel who is celebrating his birthday today was overwhelmed to see the arrangement his team / colleagues prepared for him. A health conscious manager breaked his rule for the first time to taste everything that was ordered 😜

Mr. Immanuel Williams  Group Learning & Development Manager with our Director of Human Resources & Lifestyle Ms. Suzanne G Yousef.

  HR Team!! 

Our selfie expert Salman 🙂


Hussain’s farewell party

Its hard to say goodbye to someone whom you been very comfortable and content with. Hussain Makki is one such person who is silent, sincere & committed to work. Though we knew he will be leaving the company soon but his mail today at lunch break was like a breaking news!20160221065654HR team will miss you Hussaino & especially those staff whom you took to LMRA 🙂
All the very best in life & career. Keep that beautiful smile on your face! And if possible quit smoking

Familiarization Trip – Al Ghalia

Familiarization or FAM Trip is held twice a year for all new expat employees. Staff get to visit the following places in Kingdom of Bahrain;

1. Bahrain National Museum

2. Al Fateh Mosque (Grand Mosque)

3. Kalbabad Fort

4. Al Ghalia Farms

5. Al Bander Resort (for lunch)

6. Bahrain International Circuit.


Al Ghalia Idol – Final 

Al Ghalia Idol Final was an event that was organized with perfection & professionalism. That’s what our management defined this event …


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Credit cannot be taken by me alone. My colleague Lea Gutierrez is the master brain behind the success her friend circle and contacts that helped in making our event a success.
Yeh this gift was given to me by our Director of Human Resources -Suzanne G Yousef for organizing such a wonderful event.