Al Ghalia Staff Party

Another big event of the year for Al Ghalia Group.


Designed by: Anish Chandran.

Few highlights from the event:

1. The staff party was held after 4 years, everyone was excited about this event since it was announced and it was held at Gulf Hotel.

2. Managers from Al Bander & Al Ghalia was part of the event.

3. Mr Mishal Al Jarallah CEO of Al Ghalia Group gave an electrifying speech which was the first time in any public event of the company. His daughter & Company Director Ms Alia Al Jarallah was introduced by him to the Al Ghalia family as the next boss of the Group. She spoke about the growth, launch of new outlets, employee strength and her vision for the company.

4. Mr Colin Bremner the host (some of them liked him as a comedian) kept everyone excited about every next event.

5. Outlet performances (Monsoon, Cafe Lilou, Fatto, Admin, Managers, Zoe, Dessange) were all too awesome & amazed us, especially managers were a surprise package 😀

6. Awarding Ceremony (Back of the house/Front of the house) Employee of the year were given to people who were most deserving. Nominees too were the best performers of their respective business units. Congrats to all!!

7. Raffle draw! We were worried at the beginning if we could reach the target of raffle gifts surprisingly we got enough and everyone was excited each time raffle draw winners were announced.

8. It’s been an incredible year for Al Ghalia video, was a thought by me to kill time for the Al Ghalia Idol Finals but the video was so good prepared by Hamza Farooq that the management decided to show it in the staff party. Was glad when CEO & Company Director appreciated the work. Thanks to Hamza 😊

Ms Suzzane G Yousef the one who made this all happen I could not thank her or I didn’t know how to thank her. But she has got an amazing administration skill & if I have to learn decision making skills it has to be from her.

Lea is another amazing person we may not be great friends or talk much to each other but thanks to God we know our strengths and assign our jobs and silently finishes it before the deadlines.

Beverly she was so cooperative when it came to collecting Raffle gifts ensured we reached our target.

Thanks to Ms. Sheila, Jenny, Nelia, Mariel, Batool, Kawthar & Fareeda for helping me with the invitations cards.

Narender I need to thank you this time for helping us get enough gifts.

Ruthie you surprised me with the dance.

Joseph love you man for being so supportive! Thank you for accepting my requests and participating in the dance am sure you would be happy today to have taken the decision of dancing you are a star today!

Special thanks to the registration team for the great support (Nelia, Rizwan, Asif, Josie, Noura, Veronika)

Thanks to Lereina Fernandes (Gulf Hotel) & the management who has helped us throughout this event.

Here we (Sinju, Lea & Beverly) receiving the appreciation from Mam Sue for organizing yet another best event for Al Ghalia.



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