IV- The Journey Beyond…..

End of sem II or start of sem III
The question was:
“Was it dawn or was it dusk…?? we forgot it all as
It was indeed time for some hand full days of splendid fun…
Was it the ambience or was it the set of crazy ppl around…
Cared who ?? as we were busy having too much fun….
Our hearts sang the best of their songs….
With no lyrics but the enthu pouncing via our heart beats
screams as loud to forget one self…
bottle lost their caps and we our voice…
still there were no hope of silence or end to noise…
not the steeping height nor the rising night gave us a hint of cold and fright
it was the profound nature which made us shoot  
living the moment with every single hoot….
Little did we expect the chilly night which made us shiver and sleep all tight….
OH did we forget its was Shimla the birdy view nest…..!!
Hung up high on steepy slopes wind as chilly which made our nose blow…
the less awaited evening made us roar as mules were friendly not the roads….
Oooo not to forget the dinner time as little we ate and more we fought
food was not the issue nor the cold Now what had become the question of the hour was MANALI,CHANDIGARH or go straight back HOME…..
Little did we think little did we hear all we wished was move on….
Fights and growl, discussions frown, teachers together, students all down…
came up all with one last sound … panting noise quietly said Oh Manali here we come….
Long long journey ended finally
breath taking view, shattering wind, shivery morning blowing around
with ghosty sounds freaking round….
rising sun, breath taking view all made us forget last night issue…..
A fresh start, a day so new…. OMG Manali hotel had a breath taking view….
with heaters all on… blankets flew.. ppl slept in a jiffy and slew
greetings/ welcomes glittering around not of humanity it was natures silent sound….
1st snow, chilly feet as it was a snow filled street,
slipping around flying snow ppl had fun with no matter what….
paragliding said: toll to pay … climb up high and then play
bouncing ball made us all smile collecting balance without a fall….
an evening so chilly , still dancing made a space in our belly…
next day was worth a visit sorry for ppl who had to resist
mountain climbing, river rafting was more than a bliss….
photos taken at every bend
little did we remember Iv was coming to an end….
classes reunited and busses all shuffled divisions together made no hustle
yet Chandigarh it was least awaited , energy all drained stomachs grumbled

food was regular paneer and mattaar
Dj night did eventually occur ….
Tripathi and Pawaskar sir had no time to stop as they had waited day night long….
It was a day well spend cause next day was a call back from the home city at the far far end….
Mumbai was calling but busy we were filling our bags with memories of the past lane…
It was over in a royal way …
will miss these tiny bit of fun,
which never were done not in class not under the sun
Iv was the time which gave us the passion for passing time with loads of fun
Run run is all we do ,IV made us stand and appreciate the blissful SUN…
memories are all what we have now but forget it not the life we had back then….

– Maneesha Yadav


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