Love & Hate

The book I hate to read Dictionary,
But I use it often.
The book I love the most Bible,
But I read it rarely.
I love to fall in love,
But worried about the consequences.
I don’t like to use mobile,
But it has become the part n parcel.
The day I love the most Birthday,
But I don’t celebrate it.
I love watching movies in theatre,
But I had watched last was The Passion of the Christ.
I love sweets,
But I rarely get such sweety things.
I would love to roam in the woods,
But where in Bombay you get to see such beauty.
Career I wanted to pursue was music & gardening,
But landed in management.
I love Christianity,
But I am not spiritual.
I hate Mathematics,
But I am forced to learn it.
I hate forming a gang of friends,
But I have one .


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