She is beautiful …

She is beautiful, committed, spiritual, and in the world there is hardly anybody who could be like her. Oh………. I am sorry she is also a God’s angel; she gives food to those who are hungry, water to the thirsty, shelter to those living in the streets, treatment to the sick, and care for the lonely, love and peace to children, silent and happy death for the old and lonely.

She is there in every one’s heart, her face is as beautiful as a flower, her words are as sweet as honey, and her actions are Godly.

I remember the day she left this world, everyone in the family was in front of the television during the funeral we could see a dove coming down over her which is believed that it is the spirit of God.

If she lived today she would have been a hundred year old grandma of many hungry n poor people of this universe. She lives even today in millions of people’s heart. Everyone wishes to be like her. But the truth is no one has come like her before and after (other than God).
Mother Teresa 1910-1997. It’s her birthday on 26 August.

Let’s Pray 4 her, and seek blessings from her through intercession. It may – not be possible for us to live like Mother Teresa sacrificing everything. But we can imitate small things let’s give a try and live a life like her on this centenary year.


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