From Marathon Life to Industrial Visit

Living in Mumbai and you say ”I have a lot of time” you could either be a good time manager or you might not have not any thing to do 🙂

But finding time and doing routine work perfectly has become a tedious task, at least for me !

5 days back to back project, presentation, report submission’s  had to go to college on Sunday too, but there was a 100 % satisfaction on the hard work we did.

Yeah now there is some relief from all this…  going to Shimla, Manali, Baddi & Chandigarh for industrial visit on 10th will be back only by 19 will have a lot of  fun with a crowd of 146 students of PIMSR [Pillai college, Panvel] MMS [MBA] students ……oo oooo la !!!!

will miss all ma frnds back in home .. won’t be able to  make any updates, posts, video sharing’s…….. 😦


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